Studio News


Students from Kathryn’s class worked on a wire quilt, with each child designing a square using colored wire bent into different shapes.
Students in Jessie’s class constructed cats out of clay, as a part of their ongoing exploration of cats in their classroom.
Students in Juliana’s class added to their bottle cap city by constructing different buildings out of wire.
In Kyle’s class we learned how artists often make their own colors, and experimented with making our own.
In Marcy’s class, we explored primary colors and the ways in which they combine to form new colors.  We also began constructing a color wheel using materials from the Remida.
We went to the IMA to learn how to make mobiles from recycled materials.
In Kissiey’s class, we learned how to use plaster to make our own masks.  Students also explored light using flexible LED light strips connected to a dial that allowed them to manipulate the color and pulsing of the lights.
In Lauren’s class, we read Lizi Boyd’s Flashlight and explored how light and color help up to tell stories.

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