Painting & Color Mixing

The children are exploring color mixing with watercolors and tempra paint.   Ms. Elizabeth read Herve Tullet’s Mix it Up.   We explored mixing primary colors to see what would happen.   Over the past few weeks, the children have mixed 2 primary colors to make different shades of orange, green and purple.   Ms. Robbin visited us from the art museum.  She taught us how to put tape on paper, paint with our hands and then take the tape off to see the design left.   The children then told stories with their paintings.

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Exploring Light & Shadows

Last month the students became excited when they noticed different shadows appearing through the classroom windows. We decided to pursue this interest and explore different forms of light and the shadows that can be created. This week we brought in a projector, and it didn’t take long before the students were operating it independently.

That’s the light—Ghassan

Look, look its me, I think that’s a mirror and it puts it up there—Mohammad

(nob on side) moves the light, its hot—Gavyn

It make it go down and up—Mohammad

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Warm Weather

The warm weather has been such a joy to the children of Room 1. We have really been enjoying the warm, sunny weather. We have been riding bikes and scooters, looking for worms…and we even took a trip to Ft. Ben to explore one of the playgrounds there!
We continue to explore cats. We finished painting all our cat sculptures and they are now on display in the hallway! We are working on creating cat masks and are looking forward to taking a trip to a local pet store when we return from break.
March 9 008 March 11 005

We have been using our imaginations with story telling, and using different materials in doing so.  One of our favorite stories to tell is “The Three Little Pigs”.  Play dough, rocks, popsicle sticks, and other small parts are all being used daily to create different versions of this story (and other stories too!).
​The friends in our morning class have developed a great interest in our bodies, “what’s inside”, bones, and organs.  It all began by reading the book, “Me and My Amazing Body” by Joan Sweeney.  Some of the children wanted to outline their body on paper, just like the book.  They added facial features, drew clothes, shoes, fingernails, and hair.  We will be looking deeper into how our bodies “work”.  Be sure to check back and see what they’ve discovered!

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Visitor from Civic Theater

This week in Room 1 we had many visitors in our room. Our friend Scott joined us from the Civic Theater to read us some stories. We really enjoyed the book Press Here since we were able to make the dots move and change the colors of the dots with our hands! It was a great treat to host Mayor Ballard in our building to sign the Indy PSP funding bill. We were so excited to finally get a chance to go outside and enjoy the materials out there, especially in the field area!

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Studio Update

We finished painting clay cats in Jessie’s classes, and in Juliana’s classes, we finished painting the clay people for the city the children are building.
In Laura’s class, they explored the parts of doors using a small magnet board, some Velcro, and pictures of the parts of doors.
Jessie and Bryan’s classes began making masks in response to some of the artwork we saw last week at the IMA.
We had our first visit from our IMA artist as part of our participation in the TAG Along program with the IMA and Arts for Learning.
We made some clay bowls using coil, pinch, and slab techniques.  These will be part of St. Mary’s contribution to a large event in the spring hosted by an SMCC board member.
We visited the IMA and explored the piece, “The Floor.”
We made some clay bowls using coil, pinch, and slab techniques.  These will be part of St. Mary’s contribution to a large event in the spring hosted by an SMCC board member.
We visited the IMA and explored the African gallery.  One of our students even played the drums in the gallery along with one of our teaching artists.


Fun in the Snow

The students in Gilliatte room 4 LOVE playing in the snow!  Last week, when we had several inches of snow on the ground, we all bundled up in our snow gear and went outside to the playground in front of our classroom to play in the snow.  The students enjoyed rolling snowballs and making snowmen, making snow angels, and painting the snow with liquid watercolors.
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Container Creations

Throughout this school year the children have requested to play with play-dough many times. Due to this, we have collected many play-dough containers. Today the children created with these containers. We will keep the containers in the classroom so the children can have many more opportunities to create with them.

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The children in Room 1 continue to explore cats. They have surveyed the adults in the building to find out who has cats, the names of those cats and what colors they are. We have received many lovely cat pictures in response to this survey. The children also had an opportunity to create cat sculptures using clay. As these cats have dried out, we have been painting them.
My cat has a belly button. And lip gloss. – A’Niya
My cat’s name is Fluffly. – Da’Ron

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Fixing the Clock

Last week, we realized that our clock was broken. Today, we decided to try to fix it. The children used various tools to disassemble the clock as we had conversations about the different parts and how to put it back together. The clock did not survive, but we learned a lot!

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