What can you make with felt?

We use many materials in the daily life of our room. Sometimes we like to use some of these materials to make new and interesting things. This day the children were given felt and some interesting materials to create with.

“I made a number house.” Camila  (hers is the one with the purplish background)

“Look Miss Laura, I made a house” Ruby (Hers is the one with the bluish background)

“I making a square.” Carlo (he is the child working one the white felt)

DSC00518 DSC00519 DSC00521 DSC00527

Building Materials and Machines

In room 2 we are still continuing our exploring with building. We are learning about building with different materials and the different machines that help build things like houses and tall office buildings. We continue to read books, look at pictures and videos learning how things are put together. We are having exciting time learning and exploring how things are built and will continue to understand as much as needed and build our own houses, and tall buildings.

pic 1


Recently in Room 1, the children have been pretending to be cats while playing in the home living area. Some of our friends have been cooking for the cats while others pretend to be the cats. During meeting, we created a web of all the information we knew about cats. Last week, we went on an adventure to the Lawrence Library and picked up a variety books about cats.

What do you know about cats?

They growl at dogs. – Da’Ron

They eat rainbow cat food. – Maddie

Cats can do anything they want. – David

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Recycled Materials and Clay

The children of room 3 have been continuing on with our building investigations, exploring recycled materials and clay! A lot of the children had never experienced clay and were given the chance to try it out using their hands and feet! We have also been very interested in music as we often dance, play instruments, and sing. We have also had people from our wonderful community volunteering their time to be with the children. Actors from the Civic Theatre, college students, and Ms. Jeanne, our yoga instructor have been wonderful assets to our learning! Thank you all.

IMG_5208 IMG_5229 IMG_5241 IMG_5258 IMG_5302

Aspiring Artists

We have many aspiring artists in room 112!  The children have been experimenting with a variety of materials to use in their painting.  Acrylic paint, wet chalk, and glue with food coloring are some interesting ways to create beautiful works of art!  We will soon begin an artist study of Chris Raschka.

IMG_0444 IMG_0483

Papercut Stories

In Ms. Lauren’s class at the Thompson building, we’ve begun work on a storytelling project that will build off of a lot of our earlier explorations in pop-up books, bookmaking, and storytelling using different materials.  Inspired by the work of Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair (http://www.blackbookgallery.com/artists/hari-deepti/), we are making LED-backlit papercut stories.  Jeremiah’s first try at this new technique is pictured below.  His story features a tattooed octopus made out of air dry clay and a small man in a cave inside a mountain.  He drew his entire story on paper first, and then began making the individual characters and scenery out of cut paper and clay.  Final versions will be built incrementally using foam core frames layered together to make a box, with papercut layers glued in between each foam core piece.  Air dry clay components will be attached to the foam core frame box, and then a floating LED will be positioned behind the box to illuminate and add depth to the story.  To see an awesome video of Hari and Deepti making their art, check out: http://thekidshouldseethis.com/post/80264938682.

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Science Lab

Today our class became an active science lab. The students explored water, baking soda, corn starch , water, and vinegar to see what reactions would develop.

“I make that. WOW! Ta-da its green! -Erick

“Look bubbles, look!” -Kenya

“I want it to bubble so I put this in here and that. I used the vinegar and dumped it into the baking soda then it popped like a cup cake.” -Winter

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Yoga Love

The children in room 5 LOVE Yoga. We are so excited every time Ms. Jeanne comes to visit!

DSC00128 DSC00143 DSC00150 DSC00160

Creating Masks at the IMA

We LOVE visiting the IMA.   Two weeks ago, we toured the galleries to look at the African Masks.   We took time to notice the many interesting features of all of the different masks.   Today, we returned to spend some time in the star studio with our guest artist to make our own masks.   From markers, to colored sand, to natural materials… we created our own masks.   Some children focused on one material while others combined materials to create their masks.   We are excited to bring the finished, dried pieces back to our classroom next week. We’ll see what stories we can tell with our masks.

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While playing outside last week, a student discovered a small magnet and shares it with the class. The students have been exploring different items in and around the classroom to see what is and what is not magnetic.

How does it do that? – Wynter

Because the magnet got something in here and it magnet stuff. It just sticks to this, this, nope not this, and this – KaeVon

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