We just started our first project of the school year on transportation! Thus far, we have focused on trains! Some of the students’ favorite activities have included: looking at/reading a variety of different books on trains, playing with toy trains, doing observational drawings of trains, using toy trains to paint, painting pieces of railroad track, and learning how to do wet felting to make train wheels! We hope to go on a field trip to Union Station with a small group of students sometime in the near future! We also just started making our own books in the writing center, and the students have been eager to make their own books and to read them to their teachers and to their families!

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Alphabet Project Continues

The boys and girls have been enjoying each other and all our new friends! A couple weeks ago, we began yoga for the first time. Everyone wanted to participate and couldn’t wait until our next yoga session! Downward Dog and Child’s Pose are so fun to do! What a calming and healthy way to start the day!

Many of our friends have been interested in continuing our alphabet project. They have chosen a variety of materials and sources for the project. Some of us were able to take a field trip to a nearby park and got so excited when we noticed the alphabet on the playground! Making letters out of clay, using our bodies and building blocks to make letters, and using recycled materials to make letters are just a few of our favorite activities for this project. Some of the class even decided to begin sewing their names onto burlap. This has also led into a huge interest in writing and book making! It’s amazing to see how many of the boys and girls are fascinated with writing their names.

To add to this, there are several students who have lead us into a transportation project. Trains, boats, semi trucks, school buses, airplanes, and city buses are very popular in our room these days! Of course, painting continues to interest all of our friends. Last week, it was decided that we needed to put on an art show to celebrate each other’s work.

Thank you to all of our St. Mary’s families for your support!

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Week 8/25-29

From this week…


Made sun tea and lemon ginger tea with Juliana’s class

Worked on wet felted pieces around student interests/project topics



Began stitching names in burlap with Kyle’s class

Worked more with watercolors and illustration pens



Made spaghetti noodles and tomato basil dressing with Aleshia’s class

Planted perennials and some vegetables in the raised beds

Went on a field trip to the public library


For next week…


Making pinch teacups with Juliana’s class

Observational drawings of bird feathers with Laura and Jessie’s classes



More work with illustration pens and watercolors

Looking at vehicles from different perspectives and learning how artists use perspective to add depth to their drawings



More wet felting so more children can experience the process

Making cheese with Aleshia’s class

Bookmaking, Felting and Play Dough Pizza

Hello St. Mary’s fanatics! It has been a wonderful first few weeks of school in Room 3. The children have been taking us a variety of places through showing interest in insects, water, and food making. I can’t even tell you how many play dough hamburgers and pizza slices I’ve eaten this week! We’ve also had students show a lot of excitement about writing. We will continue to foster this interest through working in the writing center and bookmaking. In the studio, the children had an opportunity to try their hand at wet felting using wool. They created an awesome beetle with the materials provided! We have also welcomed more new friends to our classroom family and want to say thank you to all of our kiddo’s families for sharing your children with us and helping us to fulfill our purpose.

photo 3

Felting by the Children

photo 1

An Owl

photo 2

Beetle on a Flower


photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

Train Wheel

Busy Times in Room 1

Room 1 has been very busy. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our school. We love to go to the piazza and create.

One of our favorite activities is building with blocks and construction tools. Our friends love to knock down what they create and re-build. We have also spent time using different types of paint and paint tools, exploring shapes, discovering what our hands and feet can do and planting lettuce seeds in the garden with the help of Ms. Elizabeth. We continue to work together and practice using our words to help communicate how we feel and what we need.

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Sun Tea and Easels

Miss Elizabeth taught some children how to make sun tea with mint and edible flowers and then set up an outdoor painting provocation with one of our new collapsible easels.

IMG_0954 IMG_0957

Gardening and Green Tomatoes

The children discovered tomatoes growing on our playground and got a basket and picked a few.  After picking them the classroom discussed green tomatoes and how you can cook them.  So that is what we did.  The children also did observational drawings of the green tomatoes.

IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0757 IMG_0758


The children have been discussing gardening and what they would like to plant in our garden boxes.  They have worked very hard at weeding and filling the garden boxes with soil in preparation for planting.


IMG_0699 IMG_0701 IMG_0710 IMG_0711



Installed plant markers

Began Georgia O’Keefe study by reading a short children’s version of her biography

Painted in the style of O’Keefe (see attached photo!)



Began Georgia O’Keefe study by reading a short children’s version of her biography

Painted in the style of O’Keefe

Finished more alphabet letters



Unpacked and organized new studio supplies

Began making signs for the Remida and the studio supplies

Set up a felt provocation on Thursday in preparation for wet felting on Friday

Did wet felting in a small group from all three classes—see attached photos!

Made pickles in small groups—stay tuned for next week’s tasting


For the week of 8/25-29…


Wet felting in the style of Georgia O’Keefe

Making sun tea with Juliana/Tish’s class



More work with illustration pens and watercolors

Sewing on burlap



More wet felting so more children can experience the process

A field trip to the library on Thursday with a small group to get books on plants and gardening

Farmer’s Market and Library Visits

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to the Farmer’s Market and the Central Library for the first time this school year. Each child had the chance to check out a library book to bring back to the classroom. We also made a lot of progress in our raised flower beds!
This week we will continue to focus on solving social issues within our classroom. We will focus on using our words to communicate with each other and solve our problems. We will also continue to work in our raised flower beds and choose some seeds that we might like to plant there. We will also begin the process of making child created books!
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