The children have been working on books about their families.

DSC_0140 DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0146


We’ve had several parents come in and read to us. They have been sharing books with us that are centered around our developing project; dogs!

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Color Mixing

Today the children in room 3 did a color mixing experiment. Each child was given a color and dropper to dispense in a bowl of water topped with shaving cream. The children were asked to talk about what happened? The following statements were made: “It’s burrowing a hole.”, “It’s like a volcano.”, “ Our colors changed to a different color.”

Color Mixing 003 Color Mixing 004 Color Mixing 022 Color Mixing 025

Home Living

The children wanted to create a home living area in the classroom. We wondered how we could make a window and what we would want to look at outside. “This is my rainbow and it is pouring blue on to the street below…look!” -Sydney, age 4


“We need to draw a sunshine.  A sunshine needs to be outside our window.”-Karmin, age 4

“Here goes the red falling to the snow.” –Sydney, age 4


Reading Buddies

We paired up with friends from Mrs. Clark’s class for reading buddies.




Creating Paints

The students created paints using shaving cream and water colors. We have been experimenting with different textures and materials. The students  enjoyed exploring their new creations and forming wonderful art work.





Tigers and Oil

In Room 1 we have been investigating the tiger! From observational drawings, to dressing like tigers, to crawling like tigers, to putting tigers in the water after reading a story about a swimming tiger – we’ve been busy!

IMG_0281 IMG_0307

We have also been experimenting with water and oil. The way the oil and water separate and the oil floating at the top were our biggest interest. “It makes bubbles at the top and never settles in the bottom”



Light on the Floor

We noticed that the windows made large spaces of light on our floor.  We used the transparent colored geometric shapes to build in the light.  Tania built a structure on the floor and called it a rainbow.  She saw that if she moved herself into the light, the projection of color went onto her.

DSC02386 DSC02389

Indiana State Museum Artifacts

The students in room two have been exploring mammoths. Today we were able to look at Mastodon and mammoth teeth that we borrowed from the Indiana State Museum.

Its bumpy and cold – Quentin

Oh wow look at it, its big – EJ

Its smooth – Gabriella





We have been creating new self portraits using one of our favorite art materials; watercolor!

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