People Make Books and We Can, Too!

We have been working on making books in our room using one of Matt Glover’s focus topics: “People Make Books and You Can, Too”. We have read a variety of different types of books during our classroom meetings, including story books, list books, teacher-made books, and child-made books, and we have encouraged the students to make their own books and to read them to someone. Our students LOVE making books, so much so that every student in our class has made multiple books!

We have also continued with our car project, observed items found in nature using magnifying glasses, painted with cinnamon-scented paint, and played in the pumpkin spice-scented sensory rice.

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Our Study of Buildings

Before break we were discussing the possibility of learning about bakeries or structures.  The classroom has become interested in building structures.  During group work, children often build structures using various materials: blocks, magna tiles, sticks, and Legos.  We began asking children about the structures they built and recording their stories.  They have not only told their stories but also asked questions about buildings in a city.  Because of this, we plan to begin a study about structures and buildings. We are now collecting pictures of buildings to launch the study.

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Making Books

This week, I began making books with Ms. Lauren and Ms. Megan’s class at the Thompson building.  Children in this classroom have enjoyed writing books, and I thought it would be great to explore with them how books are made, as well as looking at constructing a variety of different types of books.  Children painted using watercolors, and then we cut their paintings into strips and pasted them onto a black, accordion-fold piece of construction paper.  Holes were punched at either end, and a string was pulled through to make a track for the books to open and close.  These accordion-style books are the first of a series of books we hope to make as part of an in-depth studio exploration into the world of bookmaking.  Next week, we will learn about the construction and mechanics of pop-up books.

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Back from Fall Break

Room 1 is excited to be back from fall break! We jumped back in to exploring doctors – we now have a doctor’s office in our room, so if you’re in need of a checkup, we have lots of qualified preschool doctors ready to make sure you’re healthy.

We have also been busy painting with scented paint, exploring leaves and the prints they make. Our sensory table is full of buckeyes and acorns that we gathered while on a walk around our school   community. Spending time reading and playing with our classroom volunteers, Ms. Britt and Ms. Arianna has become a favorite activity for Room 1!

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Fall Activities

Room 2 has had lots of fun doing fall harvest activities. We have made pumpkin spice play-doh and play-doh that smells like oranges. We also made a pumpkin pie with the help of our volunteer, Mrs. Carolyn . Today we cut up the pumpkin that we decorated with paint!

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We have been exploring music in our class. We have listened to different songs on the iPad and found books at the library to continue our research. We also had the Indianapolis Children’s Choir come to our class. Mrs. Pam brought a guitar to class, and Mr.Van played it and a keyboard for the children.

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Matt Glover Visit

Room 5 had the wonderful opportunity to have Matt Glover, an expert in children’s booking making, in our classroom. He read to the children and then worked with individual children on their books. It was a fantastic learning experience for the children and the teachers. Thank you so much for visiting Mr. Glover!

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We are still working on our first project of the school year, transportation. We are currently focusing on cars.  The children have enjoyed  looking at a variety of different books on cars, playing with toy cars, exploring Miss Kathryn’s car, making observational drawings of cars, constructing toy cars and making car-themed snacks.  We have also continued making our own books in the writing center. The students have been eager to read them to their teachers and families!

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Room 3 continues to study water. We have been experimenting in many ways such as mixing water with acrylic paint to observe how the consistency changes, measuring water in our sensory table, and creating rain chains to collect rain water for us to study. We have also been observing bodies of water in our outdoor environments and discussing why these ponds are there. We also observed, drew, and cut open a strange melon. The children thought it smelled and tasted like watermelon!

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Week of September 22-26

From this week…


Made rain chains with Bryan’s class

Painted blocks of wood as first step in making model cars with Kathryn’s class


Went to the IMA with a group of 8 students as part of the IMA’s TAG program

Practiced drilling using a hand drill in preparation for building a ramp

Drew a map of the inside and outside of where we live


Built new raised beds

Strung beads on wire to make a mobile for the garden

Set up watercolor painting for Lauren’s class as first step in making accordion books

Went to the IMA with a group of 8 students as part of the IMA’s TAG program

For next week…

All sites:

Working with a few students to make pieces for Georgia O’Keefe art contest at the IMA


Adding wheels to model cars with Kathryn’s class

Using slip and score technique to join parts in clay


Practicing with screws and screwdrivers and working on ramp with Marcy’s class

Going to the IMA with a small group of students as part of the TAG program


Going to the IMA with a small group of students as part of the TAG program

Finishing raised bed construction

Working on the mud kitchen

Making accordion books with Lauren’s class