Butterfly House by Thalia

“One butterfly is here because I stepped on it and it dead. Then the mommy; then this one eating. You can’t touch it because it’s hungry and it bite you.  And this one can fly really high (throws butterfly in the air). And this little one did nothing because it stays home and eats, eats, eats, eats, eats, eats all day and it eats a computer! Her mother helped her fly and falls on her bottom. Then the broken one I fixed it now they broke again and I’m fixing it still.  Then all butterflies live free. The end.”

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Stumps and Water

Today we were able to go out to our front outdoor play area. Many of the children began to fill the watering cans and pour the water over the tree stump. Then a few pieces of our cut tree were added. The children loved watching the water flow over the tree parts. They also loved the feel of the water and how the water made the tree parts feel.

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Beautiful Weather

The children of room 3 have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by exploring their outdoor environments. We have walked to surrounding ponds, trails, and bridges and continue to discuss how the weather has changed, what natural materials we can find for our classroom, and the kinds of places or things we’d like to explore next.

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Exploding Play-Doh

Step One: create Lotion dough. We used the recipe found at Mess for Less  http://www.messforless.net/2013/08/no-cook-lotion-dough.html

Step Two: Play with the Dough and role it into small balls

Step three: Fill a small clear cup half way with Vinegar.

Step Four: Drop the Play dough ball in the cup

Step Five: watch what happens

The students enjoyed watching the relations between the ingredients.

Its bubbles – Kamaria

It looks like a volcano – EJ

Its changing colors – Adam

You put the ball in there and it all come out – Olivia

It smells like lotion – Kamaria

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Rocks & Water


Neighborhood Parks

While revisiting the neighborhood project one of the children mentioned that we had not seen any parks in our school neighborhood.  Some of the children who live in our school neighborhood knew where some parks in the neighborhood and we had the opportunity to visit them.

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The children have been working on books about their families.

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We’ve had several parents come in and read to us. They have been sharing books with us that are centered around our developing project; dogs!

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Color Mixing

Today the children in room 3 did a color mixing experiment. Each child was given a color and dropper to dispense in a bowl of water topped with shaving cream. The children were asked to talk about what happened? The following statements were made: “It’s burrowing a hole.”, “It’s like a volcano.”, “ Our colors changed to a different color.”

Color Mixing 003 Color Mixing 004 Color Mixing 022 Color Mixing 025

Home Living

The children wanted to create a home living area in the classroom. We wondered how we could make a window and what we would want to look at outside. “This is my rainbow and it is pouring blue on to the street below…look!” -Sydney, age 4


“We need to draw a sunshine.  A sunshine needs to be outside our window.”-Karmin, age 4

“Here goes the red falling to the snow.” –Sydney, age 4