IMA TAG Program

In the last two weeks, our students at the Lab School and at the Thompson building have had the privilege of visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) in small groups as part of the IMA’s TAG program. St. Mary’s was a pilot school last year for the program and is continuing to enjoy the benefits of the partnership with the IMA. The TAG program runs throughout the course of the whole year, and students alternate between spending time in the galleries and the 100 Acres and in the studio spaces at the museum. The students at the Lab School are working with the teaching artist Robin McBride Scott (, who is a basket weaver. The students at the Thompson building are working with the teaching artist Carol Tharp-Perrin (, who is a performance artist. Each week, students will explore different pieces of art and then respond to them using the artists’ preferred media as the lens for their responses.

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Week 9/15-19

From this week…
Made pinch pots with Jessie’s class
Painted water in the style of Georgia O’Keefe with Bryan’s class then turned our paintings into accordion books
Explored clay with all classes
Did observational drawings of a car with Kathryn’s class

Went to the IMA with a group of 8 students as part of the IMA’s TAG program

Explored clay with Lauren and Aleshia’s classes
Spread out the garden dirt and mulched it to make a wildflower bed
Went to the IMA with a group of 8 students as part of the IMA’s TAG program

For next week…
Making rain chains with Bryan’s class
Continuing to explore with clay (using slip and score to secure parts)

Designing and constructing a ramp with Marcy’s class
Drawing pictures of our houses and making books about them with Kyle’s class

Going to the IMA with a small group of students as part of the TAG program
Making wooden plant markers
Continuing to explore clay

Painting on Hostas

The children in Room 5 love to paint. Large Hosta leaves were put out on the table with some acrylic paint. This was our first experience with this kind of paint and our first time painting on leaves. The children enjoyed it so much they asked to paint leaves the next day too! The leaves were hung from a branch above the table while they were drying. They look so beautiful that we all want to keep them hanging there!

DSC_0048 DSC_0056 DSC_0068 DSC_0069 DSC_0072

Week 9/8-12

From this week…


Made pinch pots with handles with Juliana’s class

Worked on paper marbling techniques to show the movement of water with Bryan’s class

Made monoprints with Jessie’s, Kathryn’s, and Laura’s classes to expand our understandings of different painting/ink styles


Began sketching ideas about where people live with Kyle’s class

Worked more with watercolors and illustration pens

Went to the IMA with a group of 8 students as part of the IMA’s TAG program


Went on a field trip to an urban garden run by Growing Places Indy

Drew and painted tomatillos and acorns found at the garden last week

Looked at the artist Nikki McClure’s work and attempted our own papercuts

For next week…


Making a batik tablecloth with Juliana’s class


Adding papercuts to marbled paper


Exploring different building materials as we take a closer look at different types of dwellings and vehicles


Going to the IMA with a small group of students as part of the TAG program

Making mozzarella cheese with Alyshia’s class

More papercuts

Union Station

Last Tuesday, Miss Kathryn and Miss Kierra took a small group of students on a field study trip to the Union Station to continue our transportation project. The children went on a guided tour of Union Station and heard about its history. They loved the field trip and we plan to take more children soon. We have also continued making our own books in the writing center. The students have been eager to make their own books and to read them to their teachers and to their families!


Making and Tasting Pickles

The children had a wonderful opportunity to make pickles with Ms. Elizabeth, our studio teacher.  They learned how to cut the cucumbers and combined the spices and vinegar in the jars.  The following week they were able to taste the pickles they made.  Some of our friends liked them and some said they tasted “spicy”.

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Doctors, Felting and Georgia O’Keefe

Hello from Room 1!

What We’ve Been Up To:

Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring doctors and what they do. We started out with some toy medical equipment and our friends have become very interested in it. They have been taking turns being doctors and patients. We talked about what happens when we go to the doctor and these were some of the responses our friends had:

La’Terria – They give you a shot.

Roy’Von -“The listen to your heart and you get a sucker. When you have a baby you go to a different doctor.” –

David -“Get books.” –

Xzavier -“You get a check up.”

Ms. Sandy brought in some informational books from the library about doctors and nurses and we have been exploring a scale and talking about what it does. We also drew pictures of a time we visited the doctor and shared the stories with our friends. We look forward to continuing the exploration of this project over the next few weeks.

We have also been collecting items from outside and bringing them in to explore using magnifying glasses and doing observational drawings.

Ms. Elizabeth from the atelier taught us about wet felting – we created a picture of water and an owl. She read us a book about the artist, Georgia O’’Keefe and we have tried out some of her techniques while creating art.

Aug 26 007 Aug 27 032 Aug 27 048 Sept 2 024

Planning Our Garden

The children have been discussing gardens and making plans for our own gardens at school. We decided to explore other gardens in the neighborhood to gather ideas.

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Workin’ at the Car Wash

We have really enjoyed participating in activities related to the topic of transportation. We enjoyed making a car wash in our sensory table in which the children used soap and water to wash our classroom cars. We also used red, green, and yellow paint to create stop lights after discussing the meaning of each color on the light.

DSCN0624 DSCN0628 DSCN0630 DSCN0631


We’ve had so much fun over the past two weeks!   We cooked playdoh with both classes and the kids love sculpting with it.   The morning class has been engaged with a variety of sensory experiences – playdoh, water and sand.   The afternoon class got a surprise drop off of books from a Lab School family.   The children dug through the books, engaged in reading the books and problem solved to find a solution for storing our books!   The best part was they saw themselves as READERS!!! We have also explored mixing food coloring and water to create different shades.   The kids started to notice how the colored water looks different close up and far away.   Building and transportation play continue to be a big hit in our daily work.

We spend time each day looking at pictures from our work that day on the big screen in our classroom.   The kids love seeing themselves and talking about the work they were doing.   It’s a great opportunity to highlight feelings and model sharing!

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