We have begun to explore the children’s interest in Doors. We have looked at doors in our neighborhood, doors in our building, doors on the iPad. Then we looked at doors in our own homes. The children, with help from their families, drew a picture of one of the doors in their homes. They also included why they chose that particular door.  The children we excited to share their door drawings with their classmates!

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Construction Site Visit

Today we went on another neighborhood walk to look at the construction site. We discussed the shapes, changes to the building, and took observational drawings. The construction walk led children to build homes, structures, and look at buildings in detail.

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Baking and Bookmaking

We just finished our car project, and, since our students have shown quite an interest in baking, we have decided to make that our next project! Our morning class would like to learn how to make strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles, and our afternoon class would like to learn how to make chocolate cake with chocolate chip icing. We have been gathering the necessary utensils and ingredients to bake, and we will bake for the first time on Tuesday!

We have also continued to work on making books, using one of Matt Glover’s focus topics: “Where Do Authors Get Ideas?”. We have read a variety of different types of books during our classroom meetings and have discussed where the authors have gotten their ideas, and we have encouraged our students to make their own books and to read them to someone.

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Story Telling

We are authors and illustrators!   The children have been exploring the many ways to tell stories — with our words, magna tiles, legos, the doll house, popsicle sticks, beads, play-doh and even writing their own books. They have been retelling familiar stories such as The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, The 3 Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.   The children have become inspired by other authors to take their favorite stories and tell them a little differently, a la “Goldilocks and the Mama Bear and 2 Baby Bears” and “The Very Colorful Caterpillar.” There is no doubt that your child has brought home books that he or she has written, many of these stories are creative ideas generated by your child.

Enjoy these stories and encourage your child to read, tell, draw and write his/her own stories!

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The children went trick-or-treating on Halloween in their homemade costumes. We also continued our pumpkin investigation. We looked at the inside of a pumpkin and learned about the seeds and pulp. At the very end we each drew one shape on our pumpkin and carved it.IMG_0053 IMG_0094 IMG_1824


The afternoon class has been very busy with music. We went to a music store and explored and experimented with many different instruments. We are also doing observation drawings of instruments Ms. Elizabeth brought in.

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Painting is #1

“We had a LOT of fun preparing for Halloween and trick or treating at Gregory & Appel! The students designed and created their own costumes with Ms. Elizabeth during studio time. They were all very creative and turned out great! All of our students had a wonderful time.

We have also spent a lot of time outside collecting leaves. Our sensory table has been full of leaves, acorns, pine cones, twigs, and other “Fall” items found outside. The students used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at all of these interesting items.

Some of us made a trip to Sullivan’s Hardware Store and purchased pumpkins for our room. We weighed the biggest one-it was 13 lbs! Then, the children helped carve it.  They sorted and counted the seeds, helped scoop out the “goop”, and LOVED playing with it in the sensory table!

Painting is still the #1 activity choice in our room.  We will continue exploring with different tools we can paint with.  We have also been very making books in the writing center, sorting with loose parts, and building in the block area.

Our class also continues exploring our home project. Recently, the students made a house in our dramatic play area. We put it together using cardboard boxes. We cut out windows, made a door, and painted it. Playing “family” in the house is so fun!  I wonder where this will lead us?”

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Pop-Up Books

This week at the Gilliatte and Thompson buildings, we’ve been making pop-up books.  At Gilliatte, we used the pop-up books as a way to explore printmaking further by looking at layers of images.  At Thompson, the pop-up books are building on some of our earlier bookmaking techniques, like accordion folds and tabs.  The pop-up books were made using a series of images drawn by each child, which were then layered, cut out, and then adhered to the folds of two parallel paper accordions.  Take a closer look below at the mechanics of the books!

pop up 1 pop up 2 pop up 3 pop up 4 pop up 5

Studio News Oct 27-31


  • Started a studio-based story workshop around caterpillars and cocoons, did observational drawings of a cocoon, and started a papier-mache cocoon model with Bryan’s class
  • Made pop-up books with Laura’s class
  • Made hot glue gun monoprints with Juliana’s and Kathryn’s classes


  • Worked on costumes for Halloween with Marcy’s and Kyle’s classes
  • Explored ramps and built a small ramp with Marcy’s class


  • Made pop-up books with all three classes
  • Worked on covers for a class book on babies with Kissiey’s class

What’s to come:

Gilliatte: more monoprints and pop-up books

Lab: begin bookmaking exploration; IMA field trips resume

Thompson:  more pop-up books and begin printmaking exploration; IMA field trips resume


On a recent walk in our neighborhood, the children discovered several free standing doors. They were very curious about these doors. They had several ideas as to why the doors were there and how to unlock them.

“I think it is a magic door. Maybe the doors go on a house. They need to go on a house so we can get in.” Arielle

“Maybe all these doos is for Halloween.” Latisse

“We need a big key. My daddy got a key to open it.” Arielle

“I can open it because I have good muscles. My daddy got muscles to open it.” Amani

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